Events Calendar

1.  Semi-Programmed Meeting (6PM very Tuesday)

This week, on Tuesday 4th May, Geoffrey Durham will lead with the following reading;

Blessing is a very concrete reality. The word ‘blessing’ is related in English to the word ‘blood’. Blessing is like the spiritual bloodstream that flows through the universe. When we bless something we are returning what we have received to its source. We know we receive life and breath from a source which is beyond us. We haven’t bought it or earned it. We are just put here and life comes to us from some mysterious source, and we can give it back. That is like the blood coming from the heart and going back to the heart. That blood keeps on flowing and if we tune in to the bloodstream of blessing the world comes alive. The same thing happens if we cut off the bloodstream or drain the sap from a tree; life withers. 

DAVID STEINDL-RAST, from an interview in Sacred Journey, October 2001, quoted in David Steindl-Rast: Essential Writings

We hope you are able to join us – see our home page for details.

2.  Retreats at Golders Green Meeting House

The days are open to anyone who welcomes the opportunity to spend time in silence, simply BEING in nurturing surroundings.

As well as being a beautiful building, Golders Green Meeting House is situated on the edge of ancient woodland and participants are welcome to walk in the woodland. Please bring with you any reading material you might find helpful.

Please bring a lunch item to share, or a packed lunch. Tea/coffee and biscuits will be provided throughout the day. A donation of £10 is suggested towards the costs of hiring the meeting house for the day.

We look forward to seeing you.

Enquiries to Harry (07770 772939) or Jean (07826 101454).

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Gardening Club

With Spring in the Air, we came with gardening tools in hand, to try to weave some magic.   Our Garden may not quite be the peace-filled place that we yearn for it to be but…

We have made a start and the pictures show that there is pleasure in a work in progress.

As Spring turns to Summer our work continues.

There are currently no events in the calendar